ASUS Prepping ROG NUCs To Replace High-End Intel PCs: 13th Gen ROG G22CH Launched, Meteor Lake Variants On The Way

By: Muhammad Zuhair

ASUS has already started working on its next-gen ROG branded NUCs which will replace high-end Intel solutions, reports Bits & Chips.

Latest ASUS ROG Mini PC Lineup Expected to Provide a New Lifeline to NUC, 13th Gen Now & 1st Gen “Meteor Lake” Core Ultra Soon!

The discontinuation of the Intel NUC lineup was undoubtedly disappointing for Mini PC lovers, however, ASUS came to the rescue to develop next-gen NUC products in an official agreement made with Chipzilla. The company plans to incorporate NUC products into its industry-leading “ROG” lineup.

Intel NUC 13 Extreme Kit

We all know the quality that ASUS’s ROG lineup has brought into the markets through its extensive range of products. However, with the inclusion of the NUC product lineup, things will get exciting, and the platform will surely elevate to high standards.

Although details about this move haven’t been disclosed yet, it is reported that the ROG NUC products will come with Intel’s current 13th Gen Raptor Lake & 1st Gen “Core Ultra” chips that we know as Meteor Lake.

Moreover, the systems are expected to be powered by NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4000 series lineup, particularly the RTX 4070. It is also disclosed that the systems would feature a hybrid cooling mechanism, merging air and liquid cooling to achieve optimal performance with great thermals. There isn’t one specific segment of NUC as Intel had a very diverse portfolio and we can expect ASUS to follow a similar path with both entry-level and enthusiast options.

For a recap on the situation, Intel, after discontinuing NUC production, choose ASUS as an heir mainly due to the quality that it brought with its Mini-PC lineup (PN, PB, and PL series). ASUS is expected to inaugurate a separate division for NUC products known as “ASUS NUC BU” which would aid in next-gen development and existing product support. Meanwhile, the ROG division already rolled out its brand new G22CH PC which comes in a 10-liter design and packs an Intel 13900KF CPU with up to a GeForce RTX 4070-class GPU. The NUC 13 Extreme featured a 13-liter capacity and was able to support a triple-slot graphics card.

While details on pricing and availability are scarce, we can say for sure that the ASUS “ROG NUC” Mini PCs will be expensive and will be released at a much higher price than ordinary variants. However, given the quality and standards of the lineup, this tradeoff may just be worthwhile.

Written by Muhammad Zuhair