How And When To Apply For Canadian Digital Nomad Visa

BY: Luka Trcek

Canada has joined countries like Portugal, Norway, Australia, Georgia, Barbados, Estonia, Germany, Italy, and many others in developing a visa program for digital nomads. The program aims to attract more remote workers to the country by allowing them to reside in the country temporarily.

According to the minister of Immigration, Sean Fraser, there are still some key details that need to be ironed out before the program is launched. Fraser states that the aim of the visa program is to attract talented remote workers to the country with the objective of putting Canada at the frontline of technological advancement.

How digital nomad visa program operates?

The digital nomad visa program will make it possible for remote workers to reside in Canada for a period of six months. However, it is critical to note that remote workers will have the option to extend their stay if they are employed by a Canadian corporation.

Canada’s visa program will primarily focus on tech workers but anyone who works remotely will be allowed to submit an application. There is no set salary limit that differentiates this visa program from that in Iceland where applications are only open for those earning a figure of at least eight thousand dollars.

How to apply for the digital nomad visa program?

Those interested in applying for the digital nomad program will need to submit an application accompanied by their photo, fingerprints, and proof of employment. In some cases, interviews might be necessary; the interview will be conducted by a Canadian immigration officer.

The Canadian government requires individuals whose visa application is approved to send their passports. All visa holders will be responsible for finding their own accommodation and transport to Canada.

The Canadian government is looking to establish itself as one of the leading nations in the tech industry by attracting more tech talent to the country. Remote workers who are interested in the visa program are urged to regularly monitor the government’s website for more information on how they can apply.

When will Canada open applications for digital nomad visa?

The applications for Canada’s digital nomad visa are expected to be open by the end of 2023, according to the Canadian government.

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