New Summer Surge Of 150,000 Visitors Per Week Is Hitting This Mexican Hotspot

BY: Viktor Vincej

According to the mayor of Cancun, Ana Paty Peralta, approximately 150, 000 weekly visitors are expected in the region for their summer vacations. As a result of the spike in the number of tourists, the number of lifeguards on public beaches has increased significantly to boost tourist safety.

Cancun is a popular destination globally as it provides visitors with a unique experience. Authorities in Riviera Maya continue to make an effort to develop policies that will provide tourists with a better experience.

The high season for summer vacations is expected to begin shortly before the end of July with the occupancy rates of hotels rising to 75%. Cancun is a popular tourist destination during the summer months with its beaches getting an influx of visitors seeking to take advantage of the summer sun.

Cancun’s mayor acknowledges that the increase in the number of tourists has forced authorities to implement additional tourist attractions apart from the sunny beaches. Tourists to Cancun will get an opportunity to engage in sporting activities and witness the unique culture of the region.

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Cancun is a perfect place for families looking to enjoy time together during the summer months. The start of summer means that more families will begin to look at ideal locations in Riviera Maya where they can take a much-needed vacation.

Parents looking to relax and have some free time can take advantage of all-inclusive resorts which provide a safe place for children to explore without the need of supervision. In addition, Cancun has an influx of museums and archaeological sites where children can enhance their learning.

Juan Pablo de Zulueta Razo, the Tourism municipal secretary points out that the occupancy rate of hotels in Cancun rose to 82% at the start of July. More visitors are expected in the region with air operations increasing to 4,060.

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