New Data Reveals 10 America’s Safest Cities In 2023

BY: Maria Valencia

Throughout the United States, there are numerous small cities that are great for families. This list shows the safest cities in the United States using information from the FBI and the Census Bureau compiled by NeighborhoodScout in 2023.

Only cities with a population of 25,000 or more were taken into account by the source. This study is based on the total number of crimes that have been reported in each city, which include aggravated assault, murder, rape, and arson.

According to the data from the FBI, the northeastern states are often considered the “safest” region, and 40% of the cities in the ranking are located in this area.

Here’s a closer look at the list of 10:

Safest cities in America

Here is a full list of the 100 safest cities in the U.S.

Massachusetts is home to one-fourth of the safest cities, with the majority centered around Boston.

Massachusetts State House
Massachusetts State House in Boston

Few well-known places are represented in the list, and the average population of the top 100 towns and cities is only 32,000. The only city with more than 100,000 residents that appears in the ranking is Carmel, Indiana (ranked 60th). This would seem to confirm the idea that larger cities are inherently worse, but our list of the deadliest cities in America shows that many smaller cities are just as risky, if not riskier in certain cases.

Small towns, however, can be quite charming. In Ridgefield, Connecticut, the safest city in the nation, for example, the odds of being the victim of a crime are only 1 in 510, and the rate of less than two crimes per 1,000 residents is the general average.

An unexpected finding from the data is that many of the safest American cities are very close to some of the most dangerous ones.

Detroit, the sixth most dangerous city in America, is a case study that demonstrates this. Four surrounding communities have some of the lowest crime rates in the nation.

To put it another way, there are many differences between metropolitan areas in the United States, and this knowledge is important for people and families looking for safe neighborhoods across the country.

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