U.S. Warns Americans Traveling To Ireland Over Recent Attack On The U.S. Citizen

BY: Viktor Vincej

For many Americans, traveling to Ireland is a dream come true. However, increased safety tactics are highly recommended for Americans visiting this part of the world.

Visitors to Ireland are warned to refrain from walking alone, especially after dark. Travelers should also remain aware of their surroundings while refraining from spending excessive time on their phones while out walking. 

Americans visiting Ireland should also keep valuables like jewelry, cash, and passports in their hotel rooms so as not to entice robbers.

Further recommendations included keeping alcohol use low so you will remain alert and coherent, keeping the use of headphones/earbuds to a minimum, and keeping a low profile, so as not to bring unwanted attention to yourself. 

These warnings came after a 57-year-old New York man by the name of Stephen Termini was brutally attacked on July 19th. A group of youth attacked the man while in the inner city of North Dublin, not far from the guest house where the man was staying.

Termini’s injuries are life-threatening. Although one youth was arrested and charged, such incidents continue to be a possibility. The incident with Stephen Termini wasn’t the first violent attack to occur in Dublin.

This has initiated the office holder, Leo Varadkar, Taoiseach, to make note of the string of violent attacks. Varadkar stated that North Dublin was once a safe area where visitors could enjoy the city without danger.

However, ever since the covid-19 pandemic, crimes such as the one that was committed against Stephen Termini have increased and have never returned to pre-pandemic levels.

The United States Embassy located in Dublin reports that although the current travel advisory in Ireland remains at a level 1, or ” exercise normal precautions”, travelers should ensure to follow the above safety measures to increase their chances of having safe travels.

Even though the Taoiseach hasn’t taken any official action to decrease the number of violent crimes against American visitors, travelers need to follow their own heightened safety precautions.

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