This Co-Living Crypto Project For Digital Nomads Aims To Provide Self-Governing Towns In The Nature

BY: Jarone Ashkenazi

A new project titled Cabin has plans for the first ‘network city’ available to those who hold NFTs. Cabin is set to disrupt the way we think about modern cities, providing self-governing neighborhoods with crypto governance.

The digital-native co-living project will be cheaper and more accessible to ‘citizens’ who hold NFTs. Cabin aims to put digital nomads off the grid, in nature where they live in tiny homes.

These tight-knit communities are a twist on Balaji Srinivasan’s idea of a network state, from its creator Jon Hillis. The idea of a remote and untethered city will allow its citizens to unleash their true creativity and not be smothered by modern cities.

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Cabin is set to change the lexicon of what makes up a city. Instead of the loneliness and separation of homes with gates and fences, these cabins in the woods will connect its citizens. Like-minded digital nomads and their friends will populate these cabins and work towards a connected and neighborly experience.

With the advent of crypto, these people have already begun separating themselves from real-world settings. Cabin is set to provide those who live in online communities a place to come and work and live together.

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As a sign of participation at Cabin, members will hold crypto assets or NFTs. They will be part of what in crypto is known as a social DAO, an organization with no central authority.

Members will be able to weigh in on neighborhood matters through votes with their tokens, but only after achieving ‘neighborhood status’, accruing 1,000 Cabin tokens.

According to Hillis, there have been over 300 citizenships that have been already handed out to long-term members of the Cabin community. These citizens now can refer others to grow the group, in an organic way with those who share the same commitment for co-living with crypto governance.

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