These Are The 14 Most Popular Digital Nomad Places This Summer, According to Survey

BY: Viktor Vincej

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how people worked and forced many to welcome the opportunity of working remotely. Summer is a period where the movement of digital nomads is expected to rise as many take the opportunity to travel and unwind.

The survey conducted by estimates where are digital nomads planning to spend the summer of 2023.

The survey was conducted on one of the largest digital nomad communities on Reddit and on two biggest Facebook groups (Digital Nomads Around the World and Nomadbase – The Digital Nomad Community).

Below are the top 14 most preferred travel destinations for digital nomads this summer:

  1. Spain (Barcelona was the most mentioned hotspot)
  2. Thailand
  3. USA (Florida)
  4. Mexico (CDMX)
  5. Portugal (Lisbon, Madeira)
  6. Italy
  7. Bali
  8. UK
  9. Poland
  10. Bulgaria (Bansko)
  11. Canada
  12. Philippines
  13. Greece
  14. Netherlands

Spain is a perfect summer destination for digital nomads looking to enjoy an upscale dining experience and enjoy immaculate beaches. It’s an appealing location for most digital nomads due to its low taxes and affordability.

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For many years, Thailand has been a favorite location for many digital nomads due to its amazing internet connectivity, delicious cuisine and low cost of living. Chang Mai is considered to be the global digital nomad hub.

In the U.S., Florida, California and Hawaii attract many remote workers looking to unwind and enjoy the attractive coastline. Many remote workers also choose cities like Washington, New York, Denver and Austin because of their nightlife and culture.

Affordability is a key aspect for many digital nomads and they prefer to choose these hotspots because they allow them to have a comfortable and stress-free experience. The key reasons why most digital nomads choose to visit major cities is because of their amazing quality of life and busy nightlife.

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