Sparkle Displays Arc A770 Liquid-Cooled, ITX A380 & A310 GPUs, Biostar Joins Intel Arc Family Too

By: Hassan Mujtaba

Intel partners showed off even more Arc GPUs in liquid-cooled, triple-slot, single-slot ITX, and Mini-ITX variants at Computex.

Sparkle & Biostar Display Intel Arc GPUs In Liquid-Cooled, Compact ITX, Single-Slot, and Triple-Fan Variants

Sparkle already made a partial announcement of its Intel Arc lineup but their booth had the full lineup on display. Starting with the low end, we have the Sparkle Intel Arc A380 & A310 Industrial Low-Profile designs which feature an HFHL form factor and come with a singular fan that cools the card. Both cards feature four MiniDP ports and receive power entirely from the PCIe connector.


Also in the compact Mini-ITX form factor are the Sparkle Intel Arc A380 & A310 ELF which feature a dual-slot and very short form factor. The blue shroud looks unique and the centered fan blows air at the central heatsink. These cards also don’t feature any external power connectors. The high-end side includes the Sparkle Intel Arc A750 ORC OC Edition. the A750 Titan OC Edition & the A770 Titan OC Edition. These are dual and triple-fan designs with a lot of cooling performance at hand & they do feature external power connectors.


The highest-end solution showcased by Sparkle is its Intel Arc A770 Watercooling concept which features a custom PCB design with a Bitspower water block and is powered by dual 8-pin power connectors. The Intel Arc A770 can already be overclocked to its max limits using an air-cooler so I don’t see the need to water-cool this card. However, there’s a very small number of users who are willing to water-cool Intel’s flagship Alchemist chip to see how far they can make it go.


Finally, we have Biostar who has also joined Intel’s Arc team with the announcement of its own Arc A380 graphics card which comes in a Mini-ITX design and utilizes no external power connectors. It was also mentioned by Biostar that they plan to introduce Arc A750 and Arc A770 graphics cards in the future too.

Biostar Intel Arc A380 Mini-ITX Graphics Card:


So far, GUNNIR, ASRock, Sparkle, Biostar, MSI, ACER, and Gigabyte have either released or revealed their Intel Arc GPUs. This list is only expected to grow in the coming years as Arc GPUs become a major part of the graphics ecosystem among the likes of NVIDIA and AMD.

Written by Hassan Mujtaba