Solidigm Launches Synergy 2.0 Software: Optimizes & Boost SSD Performance By Up To 350%, Faster Boot & Game Loads

By: Hassan Mujtaba

Solidigm, the creators of the P41 & P44 SSDs, have launched their brand new Synergy 2.0 software which delivers huge performance updates.

Solidigm Synergy 2.0 Software Now Available: Faster Boot Times, Quicker Game Loads, Up To 120% Faster Readers & Lots of New Features

The new Solidigm Synergy 2.0 software is designed to deliver a better and more intuitive user experience while optimizing the performance of the P-series SSDs. The software includes two building blocks, the Solidigm Synergy Driver and the Solidigm Synergy Toolkit.

Solidigm is the only company today that is investing in a solution with software built on top of the SSD that understands system behavior and adapts based on the user’s needs.

The latest Solidigm Synergy software improves the PC user experience for all SSD users. It increases performance where it matters most on Solidigm SSDs, and offers a host of useful drive management features for all SSDs, regardless of manufacturer. Solidigm is combining breakthrough SSD products with revolutionary software solutions and plans to introduce further innovations to deliver additional improvements to end-users.

via Solidigm

Starting with the Solidigm Synergy Driver, this feature will automatically improve the performance of Solidigm SSDs by delivering the latest firmware and driver updates to your SSD. It enhances user experience by closing the gap between PC and SSD, automatically optimizing performance “under the hood” of the system. The Driver suite specifically targets the SSD Firmware and Windows kernel (OS) to fine-tune the performance.


In a performance demonstration on the P41 Plus SSD, Solidigm showcased 120% faster reads on a 50% full speed with Solidigm Synergy vs without it. The same system also saw 20% faster random writes and applications launch 14% on average (Microsoft PowerPoint). Other comparisons include 350% faster QD1 4KB Sequential Reads which can benefit gaming, up to 7% faster system boot, and 7% higher performance within synthetic benchmarks such as the PCMark 10 Storage test.


The other part of Synergy 2.0 software is the Toolkit which offers useful SSD health reporting and tools for SSDs from any manufacturer. This toolkit supports all PCIe and SATA SSDs. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10/11 systems running an Intel or AMD CPU. Plus it’s available for free!

Some of the features listed include:

  • SSD Diagnostics (All SSDs) – Test your drive’s integrity.
  • Secure Erase (All SSDs) – Permanently delete old data.
  • SMART (All SSDs) – View extensive drive self-reporting data.

The new software also comes in a single installer which gives you the choice to pick from the two Synergy 2.0 modules. Previously, you had to download each module (Toolkit / Driver) separately. It also includes a new feature called “Fast Lane” which was previously known as Host Managed Cache & is a smarter way of using SSD cache on the drive.

Fast Lane can be toggled on and off and what it does is to automatically prioritize the most frequently used files and applications for fast access. It’s only available on Solidigm’s SSDs. It also gives you the option to clear the cache which isn’t meant for everyday use but can be useful when benchmarking the drive.

Solidigm also provides a toolkit comparison of its Synergy 2.0 Toolkit against those from other SSD manufacturers. Synergy definitely has a much bigger list of features and they plan to continue to grow and improve this as they move forward. The Solidigm SSDs are available at some great prices with the P41 Plus starting at just $60.99 and the P44 Pro starting at $79.99 US for the 1 TB variants.

Written by Hassan Mujtaba