SK hynix’s 1bnm Process To Power Next-Gen DDR5 RDIMM & HBM3E DRAM Solutions

By: Muhammad Zuhair Haider Zaidi

SK Hynix announced that its 5th Gen 10nm process, 1bnm, has completed validation & will be powering next-gen DDR5 & HBM3E solutions.

SK Hynix 1bnm Process to Feature High Speeds Of Up To 6.4 Gbps For DDR5 & Up To 8 Gbps For HBM3E

SK Hynix has also confirmed that the next-gen 1bnm node will be used to produce DDR5 and HBM3E (High-Bandwidth-Memory) solutions. The business said the Xeon Scalable platform was granted Intel certification for supporting DDR5 products built on the 1bnm node. The successful assessment of 1bnm DDR5 memory occurs when 1anm (4th Generation 10nm node) has achieved readiness and has also completed Intel’s certification.

SK Hynix expects the validation process of the 1bnm DDR5 product with Intel to go smoothly following a successful validation of our 1anm server DDR5 product compatibility with the 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

Amid growing expectations that the memory market will start to recover from the second half, we believe our industry-leading DRAM technology, proven again through mass production of the 1bnm process this time, will help us improve earnings from the second half.

DDR5 products for test run in early days of development ran at 4.8Gbps, while the maximum speed of DDR5 stipulated in the JEDEC standards is 8.8Gbps

-SK Hynix


The DDR5 products supplied to Intel operate will 6.4Gbps (currently the highest in the industry), a 33% increase in data processing speed over test-run products from the early stages of DDR5 development. In addition, the 1bnm DDR5 memory will utilize 20% less power than the 1anm node due to adopting a high-K metal gate process that introduces a high dielectric constant material that prevents leakage current and improves capacitance.

HBM3E (HBM3 Extended): HBM3E is the 5th generation High Bandwidth Memory product, succeeding the previous generations HBM, HBM2, HBM2E and HBM3. SK hynix plans to prepare samples of HBM3E product that runs at 8Gbps data processing speed by the second half and begin mass production in 2024.

-SK Hynix

The business has also stated that the company will adopt the 1bnm process for products based on LPDDR5T and HBM3E by the second half of 2024. SK Hynix plans to prepare samples of HBM3E products that run at 8Gbps data processing speed and begin mass production in 2024.