Prime Day 2023 Roborock Deals Are Now Live: Never-Before-Seen Discounts Make Automated Home Cleaning More Accessible!

By: Seth Johnson

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You can rely on Roborock to come up with mega discounts on the Prime Day event each year! The company has been leading the smart cleaning industry for a long time, with its robovacs selling like hotcakes year long. But, considering how Roborock disrupted this kinda elitist industry with accessible automation, it continues to go back to those roots, offering massive discounts every so often to bring automated home cleaning gadgets to more people.

This year is no different. Roborock’s Prime Day 2023 campaign sees massive discounts on an extensive variety of products, including smart vacuum cleaners and stick vacuums. Most discounts apply throughout the week from July 11 to July 16, giving you ample time to research what fits your requirements and budget and make an informed purchase. Only 2 of the products on Prime Day discounts have limited availability, including the flagship S7 MaxV Ultra and the Q7 Max+, with discount validity expiring on July 12.

Roborock Prime Day 2023 offers

  • Save $300 on S7 Max Ultra (best price ever seen)
  • 22% discount on Dyad Pro Wet & Dry Cordless, now for $349.99 (retails $449.99)
  • 22% discount on Q Revo, now for $699.99 (retails $899.99)
  • Save $150 on Roborock S8, now for $599.99 instead of $749.99
  • Save $200 on Roborock S8+, now for $799.99
  • Save $320 on flagship S7 MaxV, now for just $539.99 instead of $859.99
  • Massive 40% discount on Q7 Max brings the price down to just $359.99
  • MEGA 43% Discount on Q7 Max+ brings the price down to $499.99 instead of $869.99 (valid until July 12 only)
  • Save $340 on All-in-One Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, now for $1,059.99 (valid until July 12 only)

Best-price-ever-seen alert on the following products

  • 45% discount on the trusted Roborock S7, now for just $359.99
  • Save $290 on Roborock S7+ (now for $659.98 instead of $949.98
  • 40% discount on Roborock Q5 (now for an unbelievable price of $259.99 only)
  • 43% discount on Roborock Q5+, now for just $399.99

Too many options? Here’s how to decide what fits your home

Roborock is one of the biggest robot vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the world, which means it’s at the heart of innovation. This results in various models that fit different cleaning requirements and budget points, making it somewhat confusing to know what is the right cleaning partner for your house. Roborock has, however, a nifty little tool on its website that helps you compare several models. But we’d try our best to point you in the right direction with a quick comparison!

First comes the absolute treat of a smart vacuum cleaner – the Roborock S7 Max Ultra. The S7 Max Ultra offers a complete hands-free cleaning experience with its RockDock Ultra, which is an all-in-one docking system, 5500 Pa HyperForce suction, VibraRise mopping system, and Reative Tech obstacle avoidance. This is a premium smart vacuum cleaner you want to get yourself if budget isn’t a concern. Roborock is offering a solid $300 discount, which happens rarely on flagship or sub-flagship products and brings the price down to under $1000.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra

If you want a deep cleaning beast, something that can handle both the wet and dry messes, help you get into the tight corners and crevices, keep your cars and furniture squeaky clean, along with dealing with the regular kitchen floor chaos, the Roborock Dyad Pro is the answer. The engineering team has designed a true beast of a cleaning system with DyadPower that innovatively combines full-length roller and dual rear rollers that operate in opposite directions, enabling the Dyad Pro to leverage a massive 17,000 Pa-strong suction to deal with any and all sort of mess effectively.

Add in the intelligent DirTect Smart Sensor that can adapt its cleaning power and water flor depending on the dirt concentration and edge-to-edge cleaning, the Dyad Pro makes for a perfect product for multi-level homes, large families, or homes with kids or pets. Dyad Pro is a helpful cleaning partner that can also be combined with your smart vacuum cleaners for those deep cleaning sessions or quick cleanups of floors. Supported by RevoBrush self-cleaning and drying system, the Dyad Pro can take of itself, removing you from the post-cleanup cleaning chore! Head over to Amazon to get the Roborock Dyad Pro for $349.99 only.

Dyad Pro

Want all the premium features but don’t want to spend $1000?

It won’t be Roborock if the company didn’t offer the same flagship-level goodness in budget options too. The company’s Q Revo is a mid-range series that is perfect for people who want premium features like self-maintenance but without the premium price tag. Roborock Q Revo brings a multifunctional dock that empties, refills, mops, washes, and dries itself!

The Roborock Q Revo also features the very latest dual liftable spinning mops that can lift the mop pads when cleaning on carpets, which means in one go, you will have your full home cleaned without having to detach the mopping pads. Other premium features like the Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidance, 5500 Pa suction, deep carpet cleaning, and more are also there. Just like any $1000+ product, but now for only $699.99 at the Prime Day offer!

Roborock Q Revo

Roborock’s latest flagship series also gets a Prime Day discount!

The company has introduced its latest flagship S8 series, which includes Roborock S8, S8+, and S8 Pro Ultra. Both the S8 and S8+ are getting a Prime Day discount of $150 and $200, respectively. The series introduces features like VibraRise 2.0 with >6N mop pressure, 5mm mop lifting, and 3000 times/min scrubbing speed that can easily handle dried-on stains.

Other specs include DuoRoller Riser Brush, 6000 Pa suction for improved carpet cleaning, Reactive 3D obstacle recognition & avoidance, off-peak charging, and other AI-powered intelligent features and suggestions.

The Roborock S8 is now available for $599.99 on Prime Day offer, while the S8+ (which is basically S8 + auto dust emptying dock) is down to $799.99. The mega upgraded S8 Pro Ultra (justifiably) isn’t seeing any discounts.


Impressed by the S8 series but need the prices to be further down? Check the Roborock S7 and S7+, as both units are seeing their best prices yet at about a 45% discount! The Roborock S7 is available for $359.99, whereas the S7+ with Auto Dust Emptying Dock is down to $659.98 for the Prime Day event. Remember, this is just a year older series and packed full of premium flagship features, making the S7 a must-buy!

Another budget option is the Q7 Max series, that is also getting over 40% discount, with Q7 Max now down to $359.99 and Q7 Max+ down to $499.99 (retail at $869.99). Roborock introduced the Q7 Max series to bring uncompromising cleaning convenience to everyone. An all-rubber brush, 4200 Pa suction, ability to mop and vacuum simultaneously, 5200 mAh battery, PresciSense LIDAR system, child lock, 3D mapping, and more such advanced features make the Q7 Max and Q7 Max+ the perfect cleaning partners in a budget.

Roborock Q7 Max+

“Ummm, but what if I need something that doesn’t cost $350+?” No problemo!

So far, even after the discounts, all options still cost more than $350 but note that most of these are flagship, sub-flagship, or mid-range products. If you want a truly budget option, Roborock is giving the best deal alert on its Q5 series, with Prime Day offers bringing 40% and 43% discounts on Roborock Q5 and Q5+, respectively.

Yep, you can now buy Q5 for just $259.99 instead of $429.99, making it a must-buy mid-range product that is now priced at an entry level! Add in the Auto Dust Emptying dock, and you can get the Q5+ for $399.99 instead of $699.99, thanks to the Prime Day offers!

Roborock Q5

Wccftech-favorite products also get discounts

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra wowed us all with its powerful RockDock that features auto dust emptying, tank refilling, mop washing, and even mop drying! Originally priced at $1,399.99, you can save $340 and get this powerful, self-maintaining, hassle-free smart vacuum cleaner for $1,059.99 until tomorrow.

High-speed sonic mopping, automatic mop lifting, ultrasonic carpet sensing, electric water tank, adaptive route algorithm, washable E11 air filter, and more such features make this the perfect all-in-one robovac! Remove the all-in-one dock, and you can still benefit from the industry-leading, innovative features with S7 MaxV, now available for $539.99 instead of $859.99 with savings of $320.

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

Whether you are limited by budget, concerned about navigating cleaning around kids or pets, have multi-level homes, need a deep cleaning powerhouse, or want to have a unit with a self-cleaning system, Roborock has made sure to bring some of its bestsellers to this week’s Prime Day saga. Head over to Amazon to check out the discounts; it’s time to experience the luxury of automated cleaning!

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Written by Seth Johnson