Phuket’s Coliving Space Is Attracting Digital Nomads With Low Prices Starting At $780/Month

BY: Viktor Vincej

Since their completion in 2021, the HOMA Phuket Town apartments have gained popularity among digital nomads looking to work and live in Thailand. The building has approximately 505 units and provides an ideal environment with amenities like a gym, co-working spaces and a swimming pool.

HOMA Phuket Town apartments were completed during the COVID-19 pandemic and have steadily grown in demand, especially among remote workers. Blake Olafson, the founder and managing director of HOMA believes that the pandemic played a key role in increasing the apartment’s demand; he stresses that what makes the apartments popular is their focus on privacy and their ability to provide a community living space.

The furnished one-bedroom apartments come with cleaning services on a weekly basis. In Thailand, tenants are not allowed to have pets, but HOMA allows a maximum of two pets in each home; HOMA’s mission is to provide a hassle-free and co-living rental experience that makes everyone feel comfortable.

Digital nomads from over 40 countries prefer to live in Phuket and the current occupancy of the HOMA apartments is approximately 90%. Measures have been taken to expand the co-working spaces, especially for those working remotely so that they can have more space.

HOMA’s focus is creating living spaces that are both affordable and eco-friendly to enhance the rental experience of the residents. The apartments are designed with residents in mind and their aim is to promote harmony between the environment and humans.

HOMA aims to continue growing its portfolio in Thailand to cater for the rising demand in housing units. The aim is to add six or seven apartment buildings as HOMA seeks to take advantage of the government’s plans to create more jobs in the eastern seaboard and Bangkok regions.

The key reason why many digital nomads are attracted to HOMA is the fact that the apartments are affordable. Prices begin at $780 per month which is similar to that of a hotel; at just $780 per month, tenants can enjoy a working space where they can get work done and enjoy some fun time with friends.

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