Official Travel Warning Issued Against Tourist Scams In Mexico

BY: Maria Valencia

Looking ahead to the summer vacation, the Federal Tourism Secretariat has warned against tourism scams being committed on its behalf and clarified that it does not participate in any form of promotional campaigns.

They asked the population to report such practices. They urged the population not to be fooled by alleged companies that try to deceive interested people by offering discounts, cheap packages, lifetime vacations, or defending their interests as tourists under the name of the Department in conjunction with various banking institutions.

Through its official portal, the Authority clarifies that its official communication channels are its website and its institutional email, emphasizing that these channels offer administrative services and procedures free of charge.

In addition, it should be noted that no official from the Tourism Secretariat can charge any money for defending the interests of a tourist or recommend a third party to undertake this defense. Otherwise, this will be considered as fraud.

Therefore, the Tourism Secretariat reiterates the following:

  • This department does not offer vacation packages or anything similar.
  • It does not offer vacation package giveaways, apartment sales, and no legal services are offered.
  • The staff of this Secretariat does not request deposits into any bank account or money.
  • To obtain information, you must contact the official communication channels of the Secretariat, such as the website and the institutional email and
  • The Tourism Secretariat provides administrative services and procedures at no cost.

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