NVIDIA Reaffirms Hopper-Next GPUs To Launch In 2024, Another Giant Leap For HPC & AI

By: Hassan Mujtaba
Source: https://wccftech.com/nvidia-reaffirms-hopper-next-gpus-to-launch-in-2024-another-giant-leap-for-hpc-ai/

NVIDIA has confirmed that the company will launch its Hopper-Next GPU in 2024, offering another massive leap in performance.

NVIDIA’s Hopper-Next GPU On Track For 2024 Launch, Taking Another Giant Leap In HPC & AI Segment

NVIDIA didn’t confirm any new details for Hopper Next but it is known to be the successor to the existing Hopper GPU and will definitely use a much different naming scheme than “Hopper Next”. It’s very likely that this chip will be labeled as “Blackwell” which was leaked last year & we can also expect similar leaps in performance as we saw with Hopper over Ampere.

NVIDIA had also reiterated previously that the company is fully committed to launching a major GPGPU architecture every 2 years and Hopper was released this year. This was in response to potential new developments in 2023 and confirms that the Blackwell GPU architecture will be launched in 2024 (since we know that is the architecture to succeed Hopper), which was the expected timeline based on NVIDIA’s historical cadence anyways.

The previous leak confirmed at least two Blackwell GPUs, the GB100 and GB102. Both of these GPUs are most likely going to retain a monolithic design and might be using the new 3nm process node.

NVIDIA Hopper is currently the world’s fastest 4nm GPU and the world’s first with HBM3 memory. It features an insane amount of AI computational power and is built for next-gen generative models such as ChatGPT, etc. The Hopper-Next GPUs are also going to target a similar segment with even higher performance with more emphasis on specialized AI engines within the “Transformer” GPU engine. Blackwell will provide a significant generational improvement over Hopper (as has always been the case). We can expect more information on the next-generation NVIDIA Hopper-Next GPU by GTC 2024 which is still a year away but it’s good to see that NVIDIA is committed to its 2-year cadence and we can’t wait to see the next HPC chip in action.

Written by Hassan Mujtaba