Next Apple’s iOS 17 Update To Come With New Features For Traveling In Remote Areas

BY: Jarone Ashkenazi

Those who are in spotty reception spots don’t have to fret any longer, as Apple Maps will soon work offline. A massive boost for those fearing lost cell service and trying to get from one place to another.

Part of Apple’s iOS 17 update will allow people to download part of a map to use offline.

This will guide people with turn-by-turn directions in the area for which they downloaded along with an estimated time of arrival. Furthermore, you will be able to even find places on the area of the map you downloaded, all while offline.

In a press release Apple sent out earlier this week, Craig Federighi – Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering – stated, “With iOS 17, we’ve made iPhone more personal and intuitive by deeply considering the features we all rely on every day.”

Those with electric vehicles can say thanks as well, as real-time charging station availability will also be shown on Apple Maps. Not only will travelers be able to see where they can charge their cars, but they will also be able to filter based on several categories such as plug type, charging network and more.

The crux of the new update is to make iPhone more personal and intuitive and this offline option will do just that. It will allow those who want to go off-the-grid and explore remote areas the comfort to stay connected and find where they need to go.

Speaking of national parks, those who are wanting to visit one this summer are in for a treat as you will now be able to see information about trail type and length and difficulty.

This news follows Google’s announcement earlier this year that they also introduced an update for national parks showing length, difficulty, location of campgrounds and much more.

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