New Study Reveals 10 TOP European Cities To Live As A Digital Nomad In 2023

BY: Viktor Vincej

According to a survey by Panache Cruises, Bucharest is the top location in Europe for digital nomads looking for the best conditions for remote work while traveling.

The study examined a set of criteria specific to remote workers to help digital nomads find the best location. The study selected Bucharest, the capital of Romania, as the best European city for digital nomads.

Bucharest distinguished itself for its hospitable conditions, which include a low cost of living, affordable rental options, high levels of satisfaction, and good Internet connectivity – a crucial criterion for people who rely entirely on the Internet for their livelihood.

Top ten cities in Europe for digital nomads

Madrid, Spain, and Nicosia, Cyprus, ranked second and third, respectively, for digital nomads seeking a more comfortable work environment. Not only do these cities have pleasant temperatures, but they also score high in Wi-Fi download speeds, which are necessary for efficient remote work.

Reykjavk in Iceland, famous for its expansive vistas and considered one of the happiest countries, landed at number ten on the Digital Nomads Index, suggesting it may not be the best location, though it does offer an off-the-beaten-path experience.

Bucharest, Athens and Budapest stand out as desirable options for long-term affordable rentals, with the average price of a one-bedroom apartment in the main cities below £500 per month. In Reykjavik and Lisbon, Portugal, however, average monthly rents are over £1,000.

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