MSI Demos Spatium M570 PRO Gen5 SSDs In Single & RAID Mode: Huge Heatsinks, Up To 23 GB/s Speeds, Under 50C With Frozr Cooling

By: Hassan Mujtaba

MSI demoed its Spatium M570 Pro Gen5 SSDs which feature next-gen heatsinks with Frozr cooling & offer up to 14 GB/s speeds.

MSI Shows Off 14 GB/s Single & 23 GB/s RAID Gen5 NVMe Performance With Spatium M570 PRO SSDs, Huge Active & Passive Heatsinks

Earlier at CES 2023, MSI introduced the world to its Spatium M570 SSDs which would’ve come in both Pro and Non-Pro variants. At Computex 2023, we saw a very different and updated version that features an even bigger heatsink &  lots of performance for storage enthusiasts to play with.

The MSI Spatium M570 PRO Gen5 NVMe SSDs will come in two flavors, a FROZR, and a FROZR+ design. Although FROZR refers to the active cooling fans, here, that’s instead being used as a naming scheme for the heatsink itself. The standard Spatium FROZR heatsink will be a massive heat sink block with a triple Core Pipe which MSI is referring to as the Well-pathed heatpipe and Ascent heatsink design. These Core Pipes have a flat surface allowing them to fully touch NVVMe Controllers and DRAM modules for effective heat transfer.


The second solution is the Frozr+ for Spatium M570 PRO SSDs. This is a higher-end design that also uses an aluminum heatsink block that’s tall and comes with a singular 6mm heat pipe but MSI adds a TORX 5.0 fan which enables for even higher cooling performance. While the Frozr heatsink allows up to 20C lower temperatures, the FROZR+ allows for up to 30C lower temperatures. This allows MSI to extract every ounce of performance from the FROZR+ design.

MSI SPATIUM M570 PRO Gen5 SSD With FROZR+ Cooling:




In a demo of the MSI Spatium M570 PRO Frozr+ SSD, the company showcased up to 14.5 GB/s transfer speeds at a very impressive maximum temperature of just 44C. This is to be expected since the heatsink is massive and comes with an active cooling fan.

The company also had a RAID 0 demo on the show floor which had two MSI Spatium M570 PRO FROZR SSDs running on a Gen5 XPANDER-Z card which is supplied power through an additional 6-pin connector. These two SSDs are so large in size that they can have compatibility issues on small mATX cases and are only recommended in ATX or E-ATX chassis.

MSI Spatium M570 PRO Gen5 FROZR+ SSD Performance Demo:

MSI Spatium M570 PRO Gen5 FROZR RAID 0 Performance Demo:

In terms of performance, the RAID 0 setup delivered a maximum of 22 GB/s Read and 23 GB/s Write speeds which is impressive but there’s still room for improvement as we were told & we can expect that in the final retail variant with newer Gen5 SSD firmware for the Phison E26 controller. In terms of pricing, MSI is targeting a $300-$400 US price point for the 2 TB variant which is pretty much where you should expect a 2 TB Gen5 SSD to be priced at. Expect more information on these drives in the coming months as the launch is expected in Q3 2023.

Written by Hassan Mujtaba