Is Cabo San Lucas Safe? Travel Advisory 2023

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Cabo San Lucas is an absolute paradise for anyone seeking a picturesque and adventurous vacation. With its sparkling blue waters, pristine beaches and breathtaking landscapes, it’s no wonder this place is a top tourist destination. Cabo is safe to visit, relatively speaking. Like many other destinations outside the U.S., travelers should heed certain safety tips.

Cabo has been a favorite vacation spot for celebrities and the general public for decades. Each year, this sunny hot spot welcomes about 2.8 million visitors. Many of those are repeat vacationers, who return again and again, based on their fabulous experience the first time around.

In terms of affordability, it’s hard to beat Cabo. Few other destinations boasting about 20 miles of shoreline are so inexpensive. This is primarily due to the advantageous conversion rate between U.S dollars and Mexican pesos, which continually hovers around 20:1.

Still, some tourists remain wary about visiting Mexico and Cabo San Lucas in particular. It’s true that certain headlines may make this area off-putting. Of course, crime happens everywhere in the world, and the good things about Cabo tend to outweigh the bad.

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What the U.S. Government Says About Visiting Cabo

When considering is Cabo safe to visit, it’s always a good idea to see what the U.S. State Department has to say about it. The State Department is the one that issues travel advisories based on political and social climates throughout the world. If anyone knows if Cabo is safe to visit, it’s the U.S. government.

The State Department has four levels of travel advisories, which are as follows:

  1. Exercise normal precautions
  2. Exercise increased caution
  3. Reconsider travel
  4. Do not travel

Mexico is comprised of states, and Cabo San Lucas is in the Baja California Sur state. Currently, the State Department’s travel advisory warning level for Cabo San Lucas is set to one of the lowest, which is “exercise increased caution.” They indicate that the reason for this level is low crime rates.

The State Department also indicates that “There are no restrictions on travel for U.S. government employees in Baja California Sur state, which includes tourist areas in Cabo San Lucas.”

We can surmise from this that it is safe to travel in Cabo, as long as certain ordinary safety measures are practiced. So, what kinds of safety tips should be kept in mind in Cabo?


May 26 – Los Cabos To Launch New Digital Tourist Service Directory To Keep Visitors Safe

In recent weeks, there has been some debate regarding “fake” transportation services offered specifically to visitors from the airport in Cabo to the various hotels or vacation homes in the area.

Authorities said they knew of at least 300 different companies that were breaking the law.

The local authorities have the idea of creating a directory of tourist services and, in addition, trying to regulate the companies that offer services to tourists.

This will, in a sense, serve as a directory for travelers looking for services they might need in the Cabo region.

All the businesses listed in the directory are in compliance with the law, as it is managed by the Municipal Tourism Department.

March 17 – Massive traffic jams at Los Cabos Toll Road

Tourism officials in Los Cabos said there simply are not enough toll booths to handle the influx of visitors expected for the spring season.

This is causing a number of traffic jams as cars line up to pay their tolls and get their passengers to the airport and other major tourist destinations in the region.

The high volume of traffic on the toll road also leads to more accidents on the road, causing even more traffic and delays for travelers.

Government officials have recently announced plans to improve the roads and ease travel, but these initiatives are still in the works.

April 20 – Los Cabos is the third most visited region in Mexico, says government

To date, tourist numbers in both Los Cabos and La Paz have significantly exceeded the estimates of local government and tourism officials.

According to Baja California Sur Governor Victor Manuel Castro Cosío, the region is experiencing the best tourist season in history.

Tourism is so successful that the governor of Baja California Sur recently revealed that the region is the third most visited Mexican destination after Mexico City and Cancun.

Tourist Safety in Cabo

tourists walking around Cabo San Lucas

Cabo offers world-class resorts and activities for tourists. It’s an excellent choice for those who appreciate blue skies, warm temperatures and postcard-worthy vistas. As long as you exercise reasonable caution, Cabo is safe to visit.

Reasonable caution includes things such as:

  • Avoid overt displays of wealth. Keep the expensive jewelry at home!
  • Avoid solo excursions. It’s safer to stick with at least one other person from your party.
  • Avoid going off with a stranger. If someone wants to show you “secret” spots without your friends, be wary.
  • Avoid excess inebriation. Sure, it’s fine to let loose and enjoy the cocktails and cerveza. Just don’t overindulge to the point where you’re vulnerable.
  • Don’t swim at night. Cabo has lots of beach bars, but nature can be deceptively enticing. Swimming after dark or after drinking is a bad idea.
  • Avoid flashing cash. When paying, be discreet about how much is in your wallet.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. Use your senses to stay aware of who may be watching your movements or waiting for an opportune time to commit a crime.

With all that said, there’s no reason you can’t be among the millions who take advantage of Cabo’s luxurious environment. Chances are, you’ll find yourself lured back to this paradise again and again, like millions of happy tourists before you!

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