Intel Officially Discontinues Cascade Lake Core-X HEDT & Workstation CPUs

By: Muhammad Zuhair

Intel’s Cascade Lake lineup HEDT & Workstation CPU lineup has been completely discontinued, as revealed by a new PCN (Product Change Notification) published by the company.

Intel Cascade Lake HEDT & Workstation CPU Lineup Reaches Its End, Company Shifts Focus On Sapphire Rapids

For those unaware, Intel’s Cascade Lake series was released in 2019 and were accessible to consumers in different configurations. It was based on Intel’s Intel’s 14nm++ manufacturing process. The lineup was the last to feature Core-branded SKUs within the HEDT family since existing chips only use the Xeon branding.

Intel Cascade Lake-X “Core-X” CPUs were designed for high-end desktop systems targeted to gamers, enthusiasts, and professionals, which provided high computing capabilities. The notable SKUs in the lineup were Core i9-10980XE, i9-10940X, i9-10920X, and i9-10900X.

Furthermore, Intel had also released Cascade Lake-W, including the Xeon W-2200 lineup. The PCN notification reveals that the W-3200 lineup (which still comes in Cascade Lake) hasn’t been discontinued yet, and only the W-2200 series has gone into the dust. Every PCN notification involves a grace period provided by the company to fulfill all pending orders. The discontinuation date is April 26, 2024, and all pending deliveries will be shipped by January 31, 2025.

Intel’s Cascade Lake lineup had an uphill battle with AMD’s Threadripper which continued to offer more cores, cache, threads, and I/O capabilities. After Cascade Lake, Intel had to wait for several years before it can get back in the game with its latest lineup. The result was Sapphire Rapids and the CPU family is currently one of the fastest workstation platforms around but also consumes a whole lot of power. Meanwhile, AMD is expected to introduce its next-gen Threadripper CPU lineup known as Storm Peak later this year. Intel is also rumored to be launching its Sapphire Rapids CPU refresh in the form of Xeon W-2500 and Xeon W-3500 in the coming year.

Written by Muhammad Zuhair