Intel Core i5-13400F 10-Core CPU Drops Down To $165 US Pricing, Budget Gaming Champ!

By: Hassan Mujtaba

Intel’s Core i5-13400F CPU has seen a price drop at major US retailers which makes it an even better value for budget gamers.

Intel Core i5-13400F Now Available At $165 US, A Great Option For Budget Gamers

So far, only Intel has CPUs priced in the sub-$200 US category aiming at the budget segment. The Core i3 CPUs start close to $100 US while the Core i5 SKUs start at $150 US and above. AMD does not have a single SKU below the sub-$200 US range on its new AM5 platform which is definitely a huge market they are missing out on.

The only budget options that AMD has in its hands are the older Ryzen 5000 CPUs for the AM4 platform which are doing really well in terms of sales but in order to move its Ryzen 5000 audience to the AM5 platform, AMD has to release more options as its motherboard partners have already launched the A620 and B650 options that are priced in the $85-$150 US range but there’s no similarly priced CPU available yet.

Meanwhile, Intel’s LGA 1700 / 1800 platform gets even more attractive for budget gamers as the prices of its Core i5 SKUs continue to drop. Intel’s Core i5-13400F which is often seen as a great & efficient option for budget gamers is currently available for $164.99 US at Amazon and Best Buy. This is a fantastic deal when you consider the fact that there are several B660 and H610 boards available under the $100 US price range. You can find the discounted deal at the following links:

You can easily pair the CPU with either 16 GB of DDR4 or DDR5 memory depending on the choice of your motherboard, a 500W PSU and good mATX chassis, and a mainstream GPU such as AMD’s Radeon RX 7600 or NVIDIA’s RTX 4060 ($299 US) for a PC that costs around $600 US and gives you fantastic 1080p and even 1440p (FSR/DLSS) performance. For those who want to save even more money, the Intel Core i5-12400F can also be found for $15 US lower than $150 US. This chip doesn’t offer the four E-Cores that the i5-13400F but retains the 6 P-Cores. I would personally recommend getting the Core i5-13400F since it can be better for multi-tasking and streaming thanks to the extra E-Cores:

AMD might release more budget options in its lineup under the Ryzen 3 series for AM5 but so far, there’s no expected time or date as to when those might launch. Rumors have alleged that AMD is going to offer some form of its APUs (Cezanne / Rembrandt) on the AM5 platform so those could be a nice option for budget gamers if priced right.

Written by Hassan Mujtaba