GALAX Offers Major Price Cuts On NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 & RTX 30 GPUs In China

By: Hassan Mujtaba

GALAX is reportedly preparing major price cuts for its NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 & RTX 30 GPUs but exclusive to the Chinese market.

GALAX GeForce RTX 40 & 30 Series GPUs To Get Up To $140 US Discounts In China

China’s Board Channel Forums reports that NVIDIA AIB, GALAX, has prepared major discounts on the GeForce RTX 40 and RTX 30 GPUs. These price cuts vary from GPU to GPU and you will see up to 1000 RMB ($140 US) and as low as 140 RMB ($20 US) price cuts. The price cuts are said to have been implemented directly from GALAX’s graphics card factory as part of a new price adjustment policy introduced this month (June). Following is an excerpt of the new policy:

  • RTX 4080 Series: 1000 RMB Price Cuts (All Models)
  • RTX 4070 Series: 150-200 RMB Price Cuts (All Models)
  • RTX 3060 Series: 250 RMB Price Cuts (All Models)
  • RTX 3050 Series: 140 RMB Price Cuts (All Models)

Starting with the prices, we first have the GALAX NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 series GPUs which will get 1000 RMB price cuts across all models. That means that the prices will drop by $140 US within China. Currently, the cheapest GALAX RTX 4080 model at retails for 8399 RMB so with a 1K RMB price cut, the new pricing would be 7399 RMB or $1040 US. This would be -13% lower than the US MSRP of $1199 US and -22% lower than the Chinese MSRP of 9499 RMB.

In addition to the RTX 4080, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 GPUs from GALAX will also see a price reduction of 150-200 RMB ($21-$28 US). This isn’t that aggressive of a price cut compared to the RTX 4080 but it should make it a better value. There are no price cuts announced for the 4070 Ti and the 4060 Ti yet.

Older models such as the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPUs and RTX 3050 GPUs will also receive a price cut ranging from 140 RMB to 250 RMB ($20 – $35 US). These price cuts align with the recent price adjustments that several manufacturers have implemented on the older cards to clear the room for the newer RTX 4060 series. There’s also the Chinese 6/18 shopping festival closing in & consumers within the region can expect even better deals in the coming days. Meanwhile, China GPU prices compiled by Baidu Forums show that the entire current and last-gen GPU family from AMD and NVIDIA are currently available below MSRP.

Image Credits: Baidu Forums

The AMD Radeon RX 7600 which launched a few weeks back is currently available for -11.2% below its MSRP while the RTX 4060 Ti is available for -13.1% below its MSRP.

Written by Hassan Mujtaba