Framework Laptop 16 Gets The AMD Advantage: Ryzen 7040HS CPU & Radeon RX 7700S GPU Starting At $1399

By: Hassan Mujtaba

Framework has just announced its first Laptop 16 “AMD Advantage” Edition design which packs the Ryzen 7040HS CPUs with Radeon RX 7000 GPUs.

The AMD Advantage Is Now Available In Framework Laptop 16! Powered By Phoenix Ryzen 7040HS CPUs & RDNA 3 Radeon RX 7000 GPUs

Framework is widely known for its highly modular and upgradable laptop designs which can be swapped in or out with the components of your choice and need. The laptop maker has unveiled its first AMD Advantage laptop which comes with two major components, the Zen 4 powered AMD Ryzen 7040HS CPUs and the RDNA 3 powered Radeon RX 7000 GPUs.

In terms of specifications, the company is offering its Framework Laptop 16 with two CPU configs, the Ryzen 9 7940HS and the Ryzen 7 7840HS. Both of these chips feature 8 cores, 16 threads, and clocks of up to 5.2 GHz with a 24 MB cache. They additionally come with a Radeon 780M iGPU that offers the latest RDNA 3 graphics architecture with 12 CUs and up to 2800 MHz clocks.

But for those who want something more powerful, Framework also offers the AMD Radeon RX 7700S as a discrete GPU option which offers 32 compute units, a 100W TGP, and 8 GB of VRAM clocking in at 18 Gbps. This configuration provides a USB Type-C port with DP ALT mode. Users should definitely get some nice performance out of this RDNA 3 mobility chip. Other specs come with two M.2 (2280/2230) slots with up to 4 TB capacity support, two DDR5 DIMM slots with up to 64 GB and DDR5-5600 support, and wireless capabilities include WiFI 6E (AMD RZ616) with BT 5.2.

In terms of design, the Framework Laptop 16 AMD Advantage Edition weighs in at 2.1 Kg for the iGPU and 2.4 Kg for the dGPU variant. The dGPU variant comes with an additional graphics chip module that attaches to the back of the laptop. The display is a 16″ 16:10 anti-glade matte panel with a maximum resolution of 2560×1600 and a 165 Hz refresh rate with the latest VRR & Freesync tech support. The brightness of this panel is rated at 500nit.


Users can select between six user-selectable expansion cards which range from USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, DP, Ethernet, 250GB, 1TB, MicroSD, and Audio. The default battery for the Framework Laptop 16 is an 85Wh design (180W GaN USB-C adapter) and it also comes with a 1080P@60 FPS camera. The Bezel can come in your choice of colors ranging from Black, Orange, & Lavender and you get a 1-year warranty. The base DIY Edition variant starts at $1399 US while the pre-built laptop starts at $1699 US. You can configure the laptop to your liking over here.

Written by Hassan Mujtaba