Father’s Day Discount Goes Live on the 3DMakerpro Lynx 3D Scanner – Capture Large Products Like Never Before

By: Seth Johnson
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3D scanning started as a massive factory-only need into a niche and expensive hobby, to a viable home-based business for many. One of the companies leading the way to make 3D scanning devices smaller, affordable, and more accessible is 3DMakerpro. Founded in 2015, the company has a huge R&D team of over 100 members and has independently developed industry-leading devices and software algorithms like the multi-spectral projection system, the visual tracking, the no-marking registration algorithm, and the automatic model processing algorithm.

3DMakerpro focuses on making 3D scanners more consumer-friendly and easy to use, making sure anyone can create their own 3D worlds. The company has now introduced the Lynx 3D Scanner, that promises to capture larger objects and scan bigger products more easily. Lynx 3D Scanner is capable of scanning not only humans and furniture but also a whole car!

Some of the top highlights of 3DMakerpro’s Lynx 3D Scanner include:

  • Single Capture Range: 250×400mm (200% larger than traditional mid-format scanners!)
  • Detailed Capture: Acuraccy 0.10mm | Resolution 0.30mm.
  • Lightning-Fast Scanning Speed: up to 2,000,000 points captured per second.
  • Long Working Distance
  • Large Scanning Range: Scan objects up to 5000x5000x5000mm. lynx 3d scanner large
  • No Markers Needed: Featuring AI visual tracking, Lynx identifies your target objectives completely, minimizing the probability of misalignment without markers.
  • NIR Light Source: It not only protects your eyes but also has excellent light compatibility.
  • Multiple Scanning Modes: Turntable Mode, Handheld Mode, Turntable + Handheld Mode.
  • Professional, User-Friendly Software System: With the “rookie-friendly” JMStudio software, new users can get detailed guides. The constantly updating and 3DMakerpro-exclusive JMStudio software allows you to perform each operation efficiently and quickly.
  • Intelligent One-Click Editing: With integrated smart editing features, JMStudio automates the processing of your scanned projects with just one click, effortlessly producing satisfying 3D models.
  • Realistic Color: Lynx comes with a professional-level color kit and supports shooting complex colors and textures. Lynx will automatically map the color to the models.
  • Optional Mobile Scanning: You can get the optional Connect accessory, which enables Lynx to be connected to your phone for on-the-go scanning.

Apart from the above features, Lynx 3D Scanner offers outdoor scanning support and can easily tackle wide-angle scanning. It also supports dark color scanning that can work both outdoors and indoors in low light.

Lynx 3d Scanner

As is evident, the 3DMakerpro team has considered every pain point of a 3D scanner, making it possible to get excellent results without wasting the user’s time and resources. Whether you want to create amazingly-detailed sculptures, need to scan toys for yourself, or have more heavy-duty needs of scanning vehicles, humans, and furniture, Lynx 3D Scanner is capable of doing it all efficiently and at an unbelievable price point.

Lynx 3D Scanner price

Lynx 3D Scanner Standard variant is available for $459, but 3DMakerpro is currently offering it at a discount for just $369. 3DMakerpro also offers its professional users to up their game with the Premium (retail: $549) and Luxury (retail: $649) models that include optional accessories, making 3D scanning easier on the go! Add coupon code Lynx20 to get an additional discount of $20, bringing the price down to $349.

3dmakerpro lynx 3d scanner large scale
3dmakerpro lynx 3d scanner portable
lynx 3d scanner portable

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Written by Seth Johnson