Everything You Need To Know About Canada’s NEW Digital Nomad Visa

BY: Viktor Vincej

Canada has recently developed a new strategy that seeks to benefit digital nomads. A remote work scheme was launched to allow remote workers to work and live in Canada for a period not exceeding six months.

Sean Fraser, Canada’s immigration Minister states that the purpose of the scheme is to solve the skill shortage issue that Canada is currently experiencing. The scheme is one of five programs that will be implemented to try and attract more tech talent to the country.

Key details of the scheme are still in the development stages, but one key advantage is that it has no threshold in terms of salaries. This makes it one of the most appealing schemes globally and one that will change remote working.

A press statement from the Canadian government states that additional policies might be introduced to the scheme to attract more digital nomads. The IRCC seeks to partner with multiple private and public stakeholders to determine which policies should be added to the scheme.

Similar initiatives are available in other countries that seek to attract more remote workers. Bali is a good example, and the nation has a digital nomad visa that allows remote workers originating from Canada to live in the country without paying tax for a period of five years.

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According to Fraser, remote workers who receive job opportunities from any Canadian company can live in the country for more than the stipulated six months. The digital nomads will only have to apply for a temporary work permit for them to enjoy longer stays.

There are a variety of reasons why remote workers should choose to work and live in Canada. Cities like Vancouver and Toronto are perfect for remote workers looking to engross in the vibrant nightlife and top-of-the-line museums.

The scheme seeks to provide Canada with a strategic advantage in its effort to attract talented workers. The implementation of the scheme will provide Canada with an edge in the race to attract talented remote workers.

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