ASRock Unveils Z790 & B650E Taichi Lite Motherboards: Same Specs, Lighter Design, Lower Price

By: Hassan Mujtaba

ASRock has finally launched its Taichi Lite series motherboards which come in Intel Z790 & AMD B650E chipset flavors.

ASRock’s Taichi Lite Motherboards Come In Intel Z790 & B650E Flavors: Feature Lower Prices, Same Specs & Trimmed-Down Aesthetics

We first spotted the ASRock Taichi Lite series motherboards at Computex 2023 where the board maker gave us a few additional details on the pricing and who these products were aimed at. As per ASRock, the Taichi Lite series simply reduces the visual bloat such as RGB and heatsinks that were featured on the original motherboards & offers the same PCB, Specs, and I/O at lower price points.

Motherboard has been increasingly luxury especially on the high end segment, with those boutique looking design and fancy RGB effects, these cost adders lead motherboard prices exploded for the past few years, but with the new Taichi Lite series motherboards, ASRock has successfully brought affordable yet featured filled flagship motherboard back to the masses!

via ASRock


If the ASRock Z790 Taichi and B650E Taichi cost $500 US, then the LITE variants should cost around $100 US less. Now, ASRock has launched these motherboards to the public and both feature a 24-Phase VRM design for the CPU alone. Power will be provided through the same dual 8-pin array & you will also get heatsinks over the VRMs and a nice Taichi-themed I/O cover heatsink. There are 2 DDR5 DIMM slots on both boards which are capable of DDR5-7200+ (OC) on the Z790 and DDR5-6600+ (OC) on the B650E offering. Both boards support up to 192 GB capacities.


In addition to that, The ASRock Z790 & B650E Taichi Lite motherboards also come with added 60W PD3.0 fast charging. Besides that, you get a handsome amount of M.2, SATA, and USB capabilities on both motherboards. You get 2.5 GbE LAN on both motherboards with the Z790 LITE offering an additional 1.0 GbE LAN port. You also get the latest WIFI 6E  and BT 5.3 capabilities. There are five M.2 slots (1 Gen 5×4 / 4 Gen 4×4) on the Z790 and three M.2 slots (1 Gen 5×4 / 2 Gen 4×4) on the B650E motherboard.

ASRock Z790 Taichi Lite Motherboard:

ASRock B650E Taichi Lite Motherboard:

The motherboards will be available in retail soon. The ASRock Z790 Taichi Lite will cost $379 US which is $100 US lower than the MSRP of the Z790 Taichi which retails at $479 US while the B650E Taichi Lite will retail at $299 US or $69 US below the MSRP of the B650E Taichi. These are great prices for motherboards of this tier.

Written by Hassan Mujtaba