Ampere Computing Intros AmpereOne CPUs: Up To 192 Cores, 8-Channel DDR5, 128 PCIe Gen5, 350W TDP

By: Jason R. Wilson

Ampere Computing has revealed that the AmpereOne CPUs have begun production and sampling with customers. The company also gave more information about the proprietary Arm-based server processors during its strategy and roadmap update for 2023.

AmpereOne manufacturing ready, offering as many as 192 cores per socket

AmpereOne processors are extensively made for cloud servers, assisting service providers with a single solution to increase performance for the cloud. The Ampere Altra Max CPU, which is already available, offers 128 physical cores.

The AmpereOne cores, while custom, offer new abilities, such as Bfloat16, memory tagging, single-key encryption, secure virtualization, enhanced power management, & new improvements compared to the previous generations of Ampere Computing’s CPUs, the Ampere Altra and Altra Max series.

The AmpereOne CPUs will be available in SKUs ranging from 136 to 192 core counts, with anything lower that was previously available from older generations will not be part of this line. The power consumption for the AmpereOne 192 core count chips is 350 W, with eight DDR5 memory channels similar to the current Intel Xeon Scalable processors but four channels less than the current AMD EPYC CPUs. Each core offers a 64 KB L1 four-way data cache, a 16KB instruction cache, and a 2 MB L2 cache.

For Virtual Machines (VMs), Ampere is recording 7296 VMs, close to three times the amount AMD offers and four times Intel’s processors. Ampere Computing’s benchmarks for artificial intelligence with Stable Diffusion and DLRM for AI show an increasingly large lead over AMD in queries and frames per second. However, these are claims made by the company, and we have not seen any outside testing completed.

AmpereOne 192 434 W 38 7296
Intel SPR 8480 56 534 W 30 1680
AMD Genoa 9654 96 624 W 26 2688
AmpereOne 160 819,750 queries/s 534 W 23 18.85 M Queries/s
AMD Genoa 9654 96 356,388 queries/s 512 W 25 8.91 M Queries/s

Several companies have already positioned themselves as partners for the new processor, with companies like Oracle, Tencent Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and others adopting the new CPU.


Open-source support is ready with GCC and LLVM Clang, and AArch64 Linux distributions will be prepared to work with the AmpereOne, as they are based on the ARMv8.6 ISA.

Custom Core Count 136 Cores | 144 cores | 160 cores | 172 cores | 192 cores
Private Caches L2: 2 MB per Core L1: 16 KB Instruction and 64 KB Data per Core
System Level Cache 64 MB
Memory 8 Channel DDR5 with ECC Up to 16 DIMMs (2DPC) and 8 TB total memory
Connectivity 128 Lanes PCIe Gen5 (optional 64 lane CCIX for multi-socket support) 32 Controllers Bifurcation to x4
System Features – Interrupt Virtualization
– IO Virtualization
– Enterprise RAS: Memory – SECDED and Symbol Based ECC protected; other memory SECDED ECC protected throughout
– Coherent Mesh Interconnect with distributed snoop filtering

Written by Jason R. Wilson