AMD EPYC 9754 “Bergamo” CPU With 128 Zen 4C Cores Being Sold For $5500 US, Less Than Half Its Official Price

By: Hassan Mujtaba

AMD recently introduced its brand new Bergamo CPU lineup which features the flagship EPYC 9754 chip with 128 Zen 4C Cores. This chip is now being sold at the Chinese 3rd party seller, Goofish.

AMD’s Flagship Bergamo Chip, The EPYC 9754 128-Core CPU, Is Being Sold For $5500 US

The listing spotted by @Olrak29_ shows the physical AMD EPYC 9754 chip along with a screenshot of it up and running within the Windows OS. Unlike the Genoa CPUs, the Bergamo CPUs make use of a brand new core design known as Zen 4C which allows for up to twice the core density and also retains the same architecture as the Zen 4 cores but in a more compact package.

The AMD EPYC 9754 is currently the highest core count x86 CPU, offering 128 cores & 256 threads. The chip features a base clock of 2.25 GHz and a boost clock of 3.1 GHz. The L3 cache is 256 MB & that’s slightly lower than the top Genoa CPUs since the L3 per core has been reduced to 2 MB vs 4 MB on the Zen 4 design. If Zen 4C was to use the same 4 MB L3 cache per core, we would have got up to 512 MB L3 cache. Other specs include a 360W TDP which is configurable to 320W and 400W. In terms of performance, the chip crushes the competition as seen here.

The Goofish listing reveals that the AMD EPYC 9754 “Bergamo” CPU has been listed for a price of 40,000 RMB which converts to $5500 US. That’s -53% lower than the official 1KU pricing of $11,900 US. The seller states that this is an official chip with the final retail specs and the CPU-z screenshot is added as proof. Several chips like this end up in 3rd part reseller sites like Goofish prior to or close to launch.

The AMD EPYC Bergamo CPUs are compatible with the SP5 platform and have similar memory / I/O capabilities so you won’t have any major issues running this chip if you already got a motherboard. The seller also says that he can negotiate the price further down for interested individuals who chat with him in private which sounds a bit fishy, kinda ironic given the site itself is named Goofish. Such deals should be avoided since there’s no telling if the chip was acquired on legal grounds and AMD  or any other company in this case can easily track the chip back to the source with the QR label and that can be seen blurred out in the pictures.

Written by Hassan Mujtaba