AMD CEO Says AI Will Grow Exponentially In Next 10 Years, Huge Market Op Within 3-5 Years of $150 Billion US

By: Hassan Mujtaba

AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, is currently in Taiwan to discuss their plans for next-gen chips and the emerging AI market with key industry leaders. In a recent interview, Lisa Su, has once again highlighted the massive growth opportunity with AI which has taken the world by storm.

AMD CEO Expects AI To Grow Substantially In the Next 10 Years, $150 Billion US Market Opportunity

When we talk about AI, the first company to come to mind is NVIDIA. The investments that the green team made over the last several years have been a major success with profits soaring & company’s worth touching unbelievable new heights. A direct beneficiary of this huge AI growth has been TSMC (Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) which makes the chips for companies such as NVIDIA and AMD that go on to power these AI platforms.

Now, AMD’s CEO’s visit to Taiwan has created whispers in the tech community of a potential deal with TSMC. This deal between AMD and TSMC is said to be for 3nm wafers which will power the next generation of chips while also securing capacity for AMD’s Instinct Mi300 APUs and MI300X GPUs which are part of AMD’s Strategic Priority in regard to AI.

During the visit, AMD’s CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, sat down with Taiwanese media outlets for an interview and revealed how the company is collaborating with Taiwanese factories for the deployment of AI. The visit included meetings with manufacturing partners including TSMC, Pegatron, and also major IC companies such as Phison and Asmedia.

The meeting was held as part of the Innovation Day where Lisa Su stated that all future products from AMD will have AI within them and especially in GPUs since Generative AI is a very popular & emerging market. Lisa Su also emphasized the work that has been made within ROCm to support various LLMs (Large Language Models) and that further updates are rolling in along with a positive outlook from existing customers.

The most important part of the interview is that AMD believes that the AI growth isn’t going to stop anytime soon and the next 5-10 years are going to see major developments with the market having the potential to reach a $150 Billion US value within the next 3-5 years.

“We have a good and long-term relationship with Taiwan’s supply chain partners, such as TSMC wafer manufacturing, OSAT, Back-end, and even carrier boards and ODM manufacturers. AMD relies heavily on Taiwan’s semiconductor platform to provide Time to market services. Taiwan’s ecological chain is very important.”

AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su (via CTEE Taiwan)

It was also emphasized that making the Instinct MI300 chips is a hard process that requires work and collaboration with various supply chain partners and that’s one of the agendas of the visit to Taiwan.

Upon asking about the competition from NVIDIA, Dr. Lisa Su said that AI is a huge market and it is still in an early stage. While NVIDIA has had the edge and is offering chips to major AI and tech companies with a never-ending demand for its GPUs, AMD believes that AI will take leverage from multiple products in the future and not just GPUs. These include CPUs, FPGAs, and even PCs. AMD aims to embrace an open ecosystem and it will be rather interesting to see if AMD can catch hold of a significant chunk of the AI market in the coming years.

Written by Hassan Mujtaba