8 Summer Alternatives Where You Can Avoid Tourist Crowds In 2023

BY: Maria Valencia

According to Hayley Berg, an economist at travel booking app Hopper, the influx of tourists is greatest in the peak months of June and July in major European and Asian cities such as London, Paris, Rome, and probably Tokyo and Seoul. To avoid these crowds, check out some alternative destinations.

Instead of Mykonos, try Albania

Try Albania, Greece’s northern neighbor, for an alternative with pristine waters and reasonable costs. The Albanian Riviera hosts Mediterranean beaches, and the inland mountains are great for mountain biking, trekking and visiting historic sites.

Instead of New York, try Montreal

Montreal, the second most populous city in Canada, is home to a wealth of diverse neighborhoods. Little Italy and Plateau Mont-Royal are reminiscent of Brooklyn, Downtown and Old Montreal of Manhattan, and Parc du Mont-Royal and Parc LaFontaine of Central Park. Montreal is full of small eateries, natural wine bars, bagel cafes and boutiques, much like New York.

Instead of Las Vegas, try Laughlin, Nev.

Las Vegas, where summer temperatures exceed 100 degrees, is one of the most sought-after destinations for Americans this year. Dynamite Travel owner Terika L. Haynes suggests another place in the desert if the thought of sweaty tourists makes you uncomfortable.

On the 100-mile drive from Las Vegas to Laughlin, Nevada, you’ll find casinos and outdoor recreation. You’ll have access to fishing, hiking, and kayaking, as well as a wide variety of restaurants, entertainment, and accommodations.

Instead of Rome and Amalfi, try Turin and Sardinia

Marco Amorico, vice president of the upscale travel agency Access Italy, predicts that Rome, Florence and the Amalfi Coast will be crowded or possibly sold out.

Fortunately, Amorico says, there are many other stunning areas to visit that are not as crowded. He recommends Sardinia or Sicily instead of the Amalfi Coast, and Portofino and Turin, one of Italy’s best “second cities,” instead of Rome.

Instead of CancĂșn, try Costa Rica

Try this Central American place with nearly 800 miles of beaches as an alternative to the tourist powerhouse that is Mexico.

Costa Rica has been at the top of the list for flight searches and bookings in recent years, but it’s noticeably absent from the data this year. There should be fewer people in Guanacaste, which boasts world-class surfing, or the Osa Peninsula, a remote tropical fjord.

Instead of Yellowstone, try Bison Range

The Bison Range is proposed by Kent Taylor, a former park ranger who is now a park guide. The nature preserve outside Missoula, Montana, formerly known as the National Bison Range, promises to have many of the same animals you would see in Yellowstone, with the exception of grizzly bears and wolves and only a smattering of tourists.

Instead of London, try Oslo

Airline industry experts predict a busy summer in London. Delta is offering 20% more seats than summer 2019 for the most sought-after destination during the summer travel season, which was the English capital. American Airlines is increasing its number of daily flights from the United States to London Heathrow to up to 26, which is a record for the airline.

If you want to experience a trip filled with history and scenery, fly further north to Norway. Ferrara says InteleTravel customers are drawn to Norway for its fjords, cruise opportunities and charming villages and towns. Start in Oslo, the country’s capital, and then travel by train or car to see more of Scandinavia.

Instead of Paris, try Buenos Aires

According to Hopper statistics, the cost of a ticket to Europe this summer is the highest it has been in more than five years. Given the high cost of travel and predicted crowds at major destinations like Paris, consider Argentina instead. According to Berg, tickets to South America now cost about $700 on average, down nearly 10% from pre-pandemic levels.

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