8 Great Weekend Getaways In Michigan For Summer 2023

BY: Luka Trcek

If you’re planning a weekend getaway during the summer, there are probably a few key items on your list. First, you want to be able to enjoy that warm weather and see the types of sights you don’t necessarily get in the spring or fall. Likewise, you’ll need to eat at some point, so a wealth of great dining opportunities is also a must.

Between all this and other attractions that are perfect for culture aficionados and history buffs, Michigan has you covered. In fact, there are eight terrific summer getaway options in Michigan that are absolutely worth exploring.


Munising is the perfect location for a weekend getaway for photography lovers in particular. Between the appropriately named Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore to Hiawatha National Forest and beyond, these are the types of sights that you need to see to fully believe.

Traverse City

Make no mistake: Traverse City is a great place to visit in Michigan regardless of the time of year you happen to go. But during the summer in particular you’ll love walking along the shoreline of Lake Michigan, checking out the local wildlife and the excellent views. You can also see the Mission Point Lighthouse, right on the Old Mission Peninsula. This is an area that extends 16 miles into the bay and has some of the most beautiful trees that you’re likely to come across in this part of the country.

Dunes Harbor Family Camp

First up we have the fabled Dunes Harbor Family Camp. As the name suggests, this is a family-friendly location with a gorgeous view of Silver Lake. It gives you and your loved ones the chance to walk the beaches, take in the sights around the campground, or just enjoy what is truly the best that Mother Nature has to offer.

Grand Rapids

Regardless of what you’re looking to find on your weekend getaway in Michigan, you can probably find it in Grand Rapids. There are more than 100 live music options for you to choose from, just in this area alone. Couple that together with historical sights and the delicious farm-to-table meals that you can have at the local restaurants and you’ll truly never want to leave.

Ann Arbor

If you’re looking for an exciting summer weekend getaway in Michigan and you happen to love both sports and culture in equal measure, Ann Arbor is absolutely for you. It’s the home of the University of Michigan and you’ll be surrounded by football lovers depending on when you visit. Ann Arbor is also home to the excellent Michigan Theater, so be sure to catch a revival if you have the opportunity.


Nestled comfortably in the northern part of the state, Gaylord offers a different set of sights depending on the season you visit in. During the summer you’ll absolutely want to see Treetops Resort. If you’re a golf lover, know that there are no less than five world-class courses for you to spend some quality time on.

North Port Huron Jellystone Park

North Port Huron Jellystone Park is undoubtedly one of the best campgrounds in Michigan and an epic weekend getaway with your family in summer. It offers 400 RV and tent campsites, plus 38 cabins so you can imagine the amazing summer vibe when it gets fully booked.

Bay City

Bay City is located right on the water and gives you a chance to see the Saginaw Bay of Lake Huron up close and personal. As is true with a lot of other destinations in Michigan it also has dining (be sure to get adventurous and take a dinner cruise) and the famous Sunrise pedal Trolley as well.

In the end, when you think about having a summer weekend getaway, Michigan won’t necessarily be the first place that comes to mind. But you absolutely shouldn’t count it out, as it clearly has something to offer just about everyone.

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