3 Of America’s Finest Glamping Spots For Summer 2023

BY: Viktor Vincej

Exploring the outdoors with families and loved ones is an exciting way to get through those long and boring weekends. Although there are many outdoor activities, camping continues to reign as one of the most common in the US.

Glamping is a luxurious form of camping that lets campers get the full outdoor experience while still having that at-home luxury experience. America is full of glamping spots, but these three areas have been ranked as the best.

1. Sunshine Key Resort

Florida is popular for its warm, sunny weather and many recreational activities. Sunshine Key Resort is the first choice to explore if you are looking for a glamping spot in America.

This resort is located on its own tropical island in Big Pine Key, Florida, creating the ideal environment for glamping.

What’s more, it is packed with lots of fun activities such as kayaking, paddling, and fishing, among many other activities that make it the perfect spot for adventure.

2. Tuxbury Tiny House Village

While tiny homes are designed simply to take up less space, they are also ideal for glamping. These adorable houses are designed to have unique characteristics, thereby creating a thrilling experience for adventurers.

Tuxbury Tiny House Village is a place in South Hampton that is loaded with tiny houses. The tiny houses make the scenery exquisite and unique. Campers can enjoy this view while swimming or enjoying some of the entertaining camping activities.

3. Leavenworth Tiny House Village

Another amazing glamping spot to visit here in America is Leavenworth. This is another tiny house village in Washington filled with cottages, cabins, and cheerfully themed tiny houses. What makes Leavenworth an amazing destination is that it is equipped with fun activities to do all year.

In the winter, people usually go skiing, while the summer is loaded with events such as camping activities, paddle boating, and much more. These three glamping spots are sure to fill your weekends and holidays with fun and enjoyment.

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